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Trü Scrypture

Trü B-Boy Dad Hat - Navy

Trü B-Boy Dad Hat - Navy

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This is one of my personal favorites for more reasons than one. I must say that this B-Boy has been one of my greatest joys to create and watch come to life on fabrics. It was inspired by a nostalgic image of my son when he was a toddler along with my love for hip-hop.

On this dad hat, the soon-to-be iconic Trü B-Boy stands front and center with the alternate Trü Scrypture Gold Label logo off to the side.

The Trü B-Boy is fully embroidered with every detail captured down to his gold chain. 

Trü B-Boy Dad Hat is a handcrafted classic strapback dad hat with flat embroidery on the front and side of the hat. The back features a tuck-in strap with an easy adjustable brass clasp.


  • Trü Scrypture B-Boy embroidered on front
  • Alternate Trü Scrypture Gold Label logo on to the side
  • Adjustable strapback
  • 100% cotton
  • One size fits all


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