About Us

Model wearing a black Tru Scrypture Snapback and black Tru tee

I started this brand because I wanted to tell my life story through garments.

As a career Civil Servant...I realized that I get to the serve the people and that I get to do it on my own terms.

The brand has a biblical undertone but that is in tribute to my Mother who passed away a few years ago. I don't classify this clothing/apparel line as a Christian clothing line but my faith is strong so I will incorporate undertones from many walks of life into the brand.

I've been told that, complacency kills. There is no coasting, no middle ground, no default mode. You're either pushing to new heights or falling behind.

I hope that this brand speaks to you...resonates with you and that you for take this journey with me and that's Trü Scrypture 📖

Kev (also featured in CanvasRebel Magazine on 1/23/23)

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