About Us

For as long as I could remember, it was ingrained in me to go to school, graduate, get a 9 to 5, and work for the rest of my days until retirement rolls around. Well, I've followed that 9 to 5 blueprint for a little over two decades working as a Civil Servant for the City of New York. Awesome right?

Not quite. I realized that I was going through the motions and at times in my career I checked out. When I was younger, I believed that the greatest motivator was money. As I got older, I realized that money was a perk but my motivation was to seek something that provided fulfillment.

Starting this brand has given me a joy beyond belief! I get to continue doing something that Civil Service prepared me for and that is serving the people but this time I get to do it on my terms. The brand has a biblical undertone but that is in tribute to my Mother who passed away a year ago. I don't classify the line strictly as a Christian clothing line but my faith is strong so I will incorporate undertones from many walks of life into my clothing.

There will be something for everyone so get used to seeing the Fashion Book logo for years to come. The logo was inspired by the good book and my affinity for neck ties. The book opens backwards and the image of the tie appears. *wink*

I've been told that, complacency kills. There is no coasting, no middle ground, no default mode. You're either pushing to new heights or falling behind.

With that said, I thank you for taking this journey with me and that's...

Trü Scrypture 📖

~ Kevin

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