The Trü Origins

The Genesis

Now this is a story all about how my life got flipped turned upside down 🤪 

I've been told that some of the greatest ideas and inventions happened by accident. The creator sets out to do one thing and gets a totally unexpected result which works by some divine force. In football, the Immaculate Reception play in 1972 (Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Oakland Raiders) comes to mind. The Steelers drew up the play to go one way but the outcome in which the play was executed was anything but designed (sorry Raiders fans).

I would say that the same holds true for Trü Scrypture (pronounced True Scripture) especially since Trü Scrypture wasn't conceived with fashion in mind. The origins of Trü Scrypture actually took place in a recording studio. That's right (like many) I was a hip-hop artist. Let me correct myself and say that I'm still a hip-hop artist because it never leaves you. I consider myself a hip-hop veteran and a Golden Age of Rap enthusiast to heart.

Nevertheless, allow me to paint the picture on the origins. It was the mid 2000's and I was living at home with my parents. It had to be about 5am in the morning and I could hear my brother laughing hysterically in his room. I remember going into his room and he was watching a televangelist by the name of Benny Hinn. Long story short, Benny Hinn was performing mass healings by waving his blazer! He was wiping out choirs and laying his whole congregation on the floor.


I'm not here to attack Mr. Hinn because I'm sure there may still be a huge following that supports him. During that time, I was still doing the music and was going by the moniker "Atom Bomb". I know it was cliché but the "I'm about to blow up" thing worked for a while. However, like anything in life, change is inevitable and I believe that we all have periods where reinvention is necessary.


 The Exodus

 So Atom Bomb exited stage left and I then went by the moniker of Benny Hinn. The persona that came with being Benny Hinn was the portrayal of this shady church-like minister that was spitting some seriously secular lyrics but with religious slang here and there. I will admit that I had some trauma growing up in the church with my Mom where I saw a crooked minister mislead a whole congregation full of women and take everything they had including my Mom.

"So I was basically this rapping Grime Minister flipping lyrics and throwing the church into it".

I would say things like "Imma Lay My Hands On You" which clearly meant the opposite of healing or rap about the "Collection Plate" so on and so forth. One of the things that I started to say was "True Scripture". True Scripture basically meant Real Talk but that was my witty way of saying real talk. I began to say it in a lot of the songs that I would record and it became a part of my lingo.

Introducing Benn Almighty...

Benn Almighty was Benny Hinn on steriods!!!

There was no way I was going to have a rap career with the name Benny Hinn especially rapping the way I was rapping so Benn Almighty became the appropriate fix. I remember watching the Bruce and Evan Almighty movies so the name change just worked. I was on a slippery slope spiritually because Christianity was ingrained in me by my Mother and the things that I was talking about were a clear contradiction. Eventually the rap career became dormant and things like a 9 to 5, marriage and children happened and before you know're a full-fledged grown up with responsibilities.


 The Job

My Father was a heavy influence in my life and was the one that pushed me to go to school, graduate and get a good job but as I stated in the About Us section, I no longer found my career as a Civil Servant fulfilling. I felt that I was going through the motions for many years on auto-pilot. When my Father passed away nearly 3 years ago, I started to think about legacy and what my mark in this world would be. I knew for a fact that I took pride in serving people but was not sure what my lane was.

Through the years I had many thoughts about starting my own business but was hindered by fear. Fear of failure. Fear of people's opinions. Fear of the unknown. Once my Dad passed, I had an epiphany of sorts and decided to take the leap. I put it on wax and made it official by applying for an LLC to start a clothing/apparel line but what would I name it?

That's right I named it Trü Scrypture!

Trü Scrypture had come full circle transitioning from my failed music career to a full-fledged clothing business. The clothing line has a biblical undertone but that is in tribute to my Mother who passed away a couple of months ago. Throughout all of her hardships, her faith in God never wavered. I don't classify my line as a Christian clothing line but my faith is strong so I will incorporate undertones from many walks of life into my clothing when the inspiration hits.

There will be something for everyone so get used to seeing the logo for a long time to come. The Fashion Book logo was inspired by the good book and my affinity for neck ties. The book opens backwards and the image of the tie appears. Mark my words...there will be a Trü Scrypture professional line in the future!


 The Revelation

 I hope that you enjoyed the story about how Trü Scrypture came to fruition. It started as something that conflicted me spiritually but blossomed into my business a decade later. This is the official extended version of the Trü Scrypture Origins. With that said...Be Trü...LiveTrü