Unscrypted Luck 🍀

Unscrypted Luck 🍀

A big Happy St. Patty's Day to all who celebrate. Given that my name is Kevin I'm an honorary Irishman at heart. 🇮🇪 So where do I start?

Yes!!! Unscrypted. I'm pleased to announce the Unscrypted Collection that I've dropped in time for Spring. I love the colorways and believe that they are different from what we usually see. I definitely wanted earth tones this time around and wanted to step out of the comfort zone.

Let's start with the design...the font was something that I searched long and hard for. I didn't want to do a traditional script font. I wanted something that was aesthetically pleasing to the eye so I tested a couple when I was in mockup mode until it hit me.

Anyone that knows me knows that I love embroidery. It brings designs to life. Gives the fabric a new meaning. Even a different direction at times. I wanted to revisit the embroidery technique on these pieces. I also tinkered with the fashion book logo and decided to embroider the outline of the book.

The end result was one that I was tremendously pleased with and I look forward to wearing mines. I hope that you enjoy yours as well. I guarantee that the quality is topnotch and I stand by the work that was done. Let's call it the Trü guarantee. Ok...that was cheesy but you get my drift.

Unscrypted Luck sounds like a good book but for me it's merely my attempt to connect St. Patrick's Day with my Unscrypted drop which officially happened yesterday.

I won't be long-winded with this one. I will simply say...Thank you for supporting Trü Scrypture and I will try my best to continue making pieces that coincide with your lifestyle. Lifestyle Apparel at its finest.

Happy Trü St. Patty's Day 🍀


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