Three Weeks in the Books 📚

Three Weeks in the Books 📚

It's hard to believe that I opened up the Trü Scrypture website three weeks ago. So much has transpired in so little time and there is so much to learn. I am pleased that you're taking this journey with me as I navigate and look to leave my footprints in the sand. 👣 

The first thing I can attest to is that the customer is the most precious resource. Not just because they purchase items but because their input is invaluable. There are so many algorithms and metrics on customer behavior and how often your website is frequented that it can be a bit overwhelming. I proudly take the challenge of learning the system and providing the customer with the best experience possible whether online or in-person.

The second thing I learned quickly is that an entrepreneur must quickly refine his/her skillset as constant improvement is a must. My example takes me back to my 1st sale which was in-person. I met up with a woman who was looking to purchase two t-shirts. Of course I was very excited to make a sale and the sale was successful. However, there was one problem, I met up with her in an agreed location where I proceeded to take the t-shirts out of box and the exchange was made.

Of course there is a thrill of knowing that someone is actually supporting and purchasing an item which you produced but I learned quickly that presentation is everything. The very next day I sent the woman a message and reiterated how appreciative I was that she made a purchase. I felt compelled to make sure that I bought gift bags for my in-person sales because the presentation and experience is everything. The key is to always give the person a feeling that they came away with more than they paid for and that is something that Trü Scrypture strives for.

I will look to improve at all costs even as things pick up because I truly enjoy serving the people. I want people to know that this journey is no joke but if you put people first...then it's all worth it. I will always be transparent during this journey because the human element is vital to the story. I answer every inquiry, chat request or email with the upmost professionalism because I know how it feels to be a customer. The most successful entrepreneur is one that can put themselves in the customer's shoes and make the right adjustments when things go left. 

I will look to write a monthly blog to let everyone know how things are going or even when I'm ready to drop some new items.

Thank you for your time and your patronage.

Trü Scrypture

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