The Almighty Chargeback!!!

The Almighty Chargeback!!!

I know it's been a while since my last blog but this was a good one. I like to be as transparent as possible so that you know that this is a real company and I endure real life things. I'd like to thank Shopify for providing Trü Scrypture with a platform. With that said, I encountered my 1st fraudulent order.

Anyone who has a business will probably endure this or has endured this. To Shopify's credit, they gave me a Fraud Risk warning and classified it as High. I considered all of the factors and decided to fulfill this order from Mexico. My thought process was that this was only a hoodie and it would be great to have the brand cross US borders and venture elsewhere.

I was definitely skeptical so I reached out to the customer or the person I perceived to be the customer. Even wrote a message in English and Spanish to verify the person's address. The person acknowledged the message and confirmed the address. Two weeks later...I get a notification that the person has made a chargeback. This isn't a backbreaking moment but a teaching moment.

No...I'm not saying that all orders to Mexico are off! But I am saying that I will heed the warnings and I even updated the shipping policy to let customers know that if their information is unverifiable or raises any flags...I'm refunding their money immediately.

I say this because along with the chargeback comes a $15.00 penalty fee. It does not benefit the business owner at all especially since my merch is in the universe somewhere and I'm out of the money that I received when the transaction was made.

All in All...I am very happy with how things are developing but I wanted to let everyone know that there are ups and downs and this is one of them.

Needless to say...I thank everyone for rocking with me and considering Trü Scrypture. Thank you so much.

The Best is Yet To Come!!!


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